Wednesday, October 17, 2007

MBTA radio

Okay, I've heard it twice now, down below in South Station, and ya gotta wonder who's idea that was. What idiot marketing person came up with this idea?

Monday night I was strolling through, singing a song to myself (yes, I sing a lot to myself as I walk along these city streets) and I got interrupted.

Last night, same place. Coming down the stairs and into that central area where the Charlie card machines are, I heard the last bit of some pop song. Then some kind of announcement like, You are listening to MBTA radio.

First, it's only loud enough to be annoyingly noticeable. Second, it's annoying that some damn organization wants to tell me what to hear during the course of my commute. Plus commercials. I want to hear either my own music (and especially not some vapid pop crap) or my own thoughts.

Big question: Who's making money on this? Find where the money leads, and you got your answer. Does some T exec's brother-in-law sell this? What's the reason? Why do we need this anyway?

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