Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quiet Man

Strolling down the highway with my shoes in my hand
Don't talk much, I'm a quiet man
Beauty and silence both run deep
And I'm running like crazy
While you are asleep.

You got news for me
I got nothing for you
Don't pin your blues on me
Just go ahead and do
Whatever you wish to.

Last Monday nite
I saw a fight
Between Wednesday and Thursday
Over Saturday nite
Tuesday asked me what was going on
I said, "Sunday's in the meadow
And Friday's in the corn."


Hocus pocus maladusted
Don't you think my tears get rusted
Steady losing means you ain't using
What you really think is right.


Oodles of light
What a beautiful site
Both of God's eyes
Are shining tonite
Rays and beams of incredible dreams
And I am a quiet man.

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