Thursday, December 20, 2007

I flunked laziness and slovenly

We're asked to participate in focus groups every so often here at work by the S&A people (Strategy & Analysis) for our clients. This time the client was GMC and they wanted guys who watched football. Fair enough. I'm a guy. I watch football. But they wanted guys who watched at least three games a month. I told them I turn on games but usually let them run in the background. I haven't sat down and watched an entire game in years. Years. I don't have time for that. Or rather, I'd much rather be doing something else besides sitting in front of the television with a plate of buffalo wings. When I told them football games weren't the high point of my Sunday, well, that was the clincher. They said I could go back to work, sorry. I'm not offended, really I'm not, I said, heading for the door.

I had to laugh. I called Sue and told her she'd be so proud of me, that I got kicked out of a focus group because I don't sit around all day watching football, eating buffalo wings, and swilling beer. In case you haven't notice one re-occurring theme on this blog, I don't fit in to everyday society, and quit trying a while ago.

C said it even better. You flunked laziness, John. You flunked slovenly.

Those guys are out there. Plenty of them. But I ain't one of 'em.

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