Tuesday, December 11, 2007

MBTA signs up MBCR again

The MBTA signed a three-year contract with MBCR (Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Co.) to run the commuter rail for another three years, even though they had the option to sign for two years while looking for a new company to run the commuter rail.

MBCR has been having serious problems of late with service, including running chronically late trains.

The contract will require MBCR to submit quarterly progress reports including reports on on-time percentages, refurbished coaches, and increased workplace diversity.

Okay, first weren't these reports already being done? Who does anything in the world of business without constant monitoring of a project?

And another thing, having MBCR do the reporting is akin to the fox watching the chicken coop. The MBTA should be doing the monitoring and the reporting. Good grief. And we wonder why the trains aren't running on time. Does this state know how to do anything in transportation??

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