Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Internet is changing who we are

The Internet continues to fascinate me. I truly believe it not only is changing how we live and work, it’s changing us on the inside. It’s changing who we are, and it’s getting closer to our souls. Don’t believe me, huh? No, I haven’t been drinking again.

First, understand when I say it’s getting closer to our souls that I don’t mean that’s a bad thing. It’s not like primitive people thinking a camera steals their souls, but they were on the right track, weren’t they? No, we want to get closer to our souls. We want to shed this skin, this shell, this body here. Jesus Christ understood this. JC would have been a way-cool Internet user.

Here’s the deal. The Internet…technology overall…is rewiring us. It’s hotwiring new stuff inside us. When you put your debit card in an ATM, and touch the key to do a transaction, there is a certain amount of time, only a few seconds, that we expect that transaction to take. And we all know how long that time is. That bit of time period is hotwired inside us. And if, after touching that button, those gears don’t start whirring and money doesn’t start dropping within those few seconds, we get tense. We all know about that. But if there is an emotion that we feel, in this case the anxiety of not getting our dough, and because we feel an emotion that means there’s something going on inside us.

When we’re showing pictures of our vacations, we’ll say, here’s the house we stayed in, here’s Linda on the beach, here’s the mountain we climbed. This is so everyday for us that we don’t even notice it anymore. But those pictures aren’t a house or Linda on the beach or a mountain. They’re two-dimensional pieces of paper with ink on them. They’re really old pieces of technology, and they have changed something inside us to the point were our language reflects what’s going on inside us (language is just a reflection of our thoughts, the thought has to come first before there can be language.)

When emotions and language come into play, that means there’s something going on inside.

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