Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's colder than s**t in Boston

The weather has finally arrived that made me so depressed back in October. I love autumn, but knowing what's right behind really gets to me. Over the weekend the ice and cold hit. Death to the planet. It's cold and painful and I hate snow and cold. Sue says to me, I was born here, but you chose to move here. Good point. If it weren't for the kids I'd be long gone. Not sure where, though; that's been a burning question of late anyway. We're still trying to figure out where's best for us just in Boston for the next couple of years while my kids grow a bit more and Sue's mom settles. C at work says I don't belong on this coast, and I know from our trip to the desert (my first ever) in September that I was bitten. I always thought I'd need an ocean near me; my moon in Pisces needs that calming water. But there's something about the enormity of the desert that is the same/same as the ocean.

And Boston continues to just moulder away for us. We looked at an apartment in Somerville this weekend, and one in Harvard Square. I don't want to say Somerville is the armpit of Boston. There are some really nice parts of it. But a large part of Somerville over by the McGrath Highway and Broadway and Main is like a rotted molar that needs pulling. The Harvard Square apartment was $1,500 for something so small it was almost ridiculous. Gorgeous, and location, location, location. It would have been cheaper and more cost-effective to become homeless and live on the streets of Cambridge if we so sorely desired the location.

Again, after almost thirty years of living here, more and more I get it why people are leaving Massachusetts in droves. The weather sucks. It is too damn expensive. When your rent is over half your monthly income, it starts to remind you of the stories of the Soviet Union where a pair of shoes costs a month's wage. Who can afford to live here? Who would want to, because frankly, it's not that great of a city.

Yesterday was Sue's birthday, and we ended up spending it at my house where I cooked lamb chops, probably better than we ever could have gotten them from spending a fortune dining out. I was looking for something special to do, and like I've said, everything was been there/done that. At one point I was considering buying tickets to the Neil Young concert at the Orpheum for seats in the last row of the balcony on the far house right for $230.00. If the woman who was selling them on Craigslist didn't stiff me, I still would have backed down. Sue and I are pouring every penny we have into a travel fund. Neil Young is an all-time favorite of both of ours, but the way Sue and I can live and scrape, $230 would go a long way in Poland.

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