Friday, January 25, 2008

Sicker'n a dog

I hardly ever get sick but there's a nasty cold going around and I've finally succumbed. Sue has it, but there were plenty of people around work who had it before she did.

Working in an office, spending time crammed into a train with all these other humans, we're no different than a bunch of beef cattle in a cattle truck. One person has a germ, a virus, and it spreads like wildfire. Next thing you know we've all got snot running out our muzzles, and we're bellowing from body aches. And the pharmaceutical companies making a, ahem, killing on it. I hate taking medicine, don't if I don't have to. I'd just as soon crawl in bed and let nature take over. Fluids and rest. Fluids to flush you out, rest to let your body concentrate on healing itself.

I hardly ever got sick as a kid, and for the longest time, mostly when I was on my own, I, thankfully, never got sick either. I had a lot of other torments, but sickness, thank God, wasn't one thing I had to deal with.

Now, since working in an office for a little over a year, I've been sick I think twice. I just hope I'm working on some new immunity to a new strain of virus that is about to wipe out the population. Maybe then I'll get a seat on the train.

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