Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's all this noise?

It's just that the whole blogging thing is so loud. And there are days, more and more lately it seems, when it's like I'm at a party and I suddenly find the need for a quiet corner. The Internet, with its passion for hits and click rates, just starts to seem like the trading floor of the NYSE.

My life is extraordinary right now, particularly in light of what it was like a year ago. And a year before that, and a year before that and so on. I just want to enjoy it, and for some reason my writer's inclination to share just isn't kicking in. Maybe it's because I'm afraid if I shout it out, someone or something will take notice and take it away from me again. People are like that. They see something good that someone has and either they want it or a piece of it, or they want to destroy it.

Nor do I want to do anything stupid, either.

So, yeah, blogging...there are things I'd like to say and tell about, but...

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