Monday, May 7, 2007

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Spent most of the weekend at the MFA in Boston. Saturday seeing the members only preview of the Edward Hopper exhibit.

Sunday for The Yatra Trilogy. "Each of the films in this cinematic pilgrimage highlight Southeast Asia’s most dazzling and spiritual monuments." Unfortunately, the films aren't dazzling and spiritual, it's the monuments the films are about that dazzle, and there is a difference, especially when you're sitting through hours of this stuff. And while I was really interested in the topic, I thought to myself how many times I've heard my daughters talk about how boring school is. Why can't these pedantic stiff necks show a little life, a little love for their topic, a little excitement and God, can I say it?--entertainment?--when talking about something?

Hopper was cool, at least the paintings and prints. But the audio tour was an absolute joke. So basic it was hilarious, and embarrassing. The best part was something they swiped from an exhibit in New York--I think it was from the Met, but don't hold me to that, and Wim Wenders commenting on Night Hawks.

Boston will always be this little podunk town compared to New York, but what's just so funny, and annoying, is how Boston is just so full of itself. For two days I wandered through the MFA with Sue, and I didn't see a single soul who I thought, hey, that person looks kind of cool to hang around with. The entire viewing public looked like a bunch of stuffy white people (don't recall seeing a single brother.) No laughing allowed; this is all so's Art, damnit, with a capital A.

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Anonymous said...

Actually we got yelled at for talking to loudly at the MFA. The guard was not even embarrased when we said we were a little hard of hearing. There should be joy in art not silence and contemplation with serious looks. I know the artists would have never approved. They would have wanted us to react with joy, amazement and some NOISE of awe and delight.

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