Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A whole 'nuther world

Just snuck out for about twenty minutes just to make sure there really was a real day outside the window here. Yep, there was...

One of the panhandlers always wishes people who pass by a good day. I guess if you make personal contact you're more likely to get something in your cup. I wonder if they exchange ideas for getting better tips, because I've noticed more of them saying hi, that sort of thing.

Not only is there a whole 'nuther day out there than inside the office, there's a whole 'nuther world.

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Juan Pastor said...

I'm sure they do get together to share tips and talk about what brings in the most money.

They should have free access to the internet and blog about it. I'd totally read it and I'm sure I'd learn something useful from it to every now and then.

Even panhandlers have things to share with the world I'm sure.

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