Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coco and Lafe back in Boston

With the sun and good weather, the people are out on the streets in Boston again.

Tourists, squinting at those tourist maps and Freedom Trail brochures.

Those crazy Christians with their easels and connect-the-dots/color-by-the-numbers brand of salvation.

And I saw today that Coco and Lafe were back, playing their music outside the Borders on Downtown Crossing.

I saw them last year. Nice fun people who love their music and love performing. They play a lot of folksy covers--Bob Dylan, John Prine, Lyle Lovett--plus their own tunes. They have a great song called, Let's Get Away.

The chorus goes like this:

Let's get away
And go to China
Let's get away
To Casablanca
Let's get away
Forget the budget
Let's get away
Just you and me

They told me today they were back for the summer, and they'd be playing around Boston today. A schedule of where they're going to be playing can be found on their site.

Busking is tough work. If you see them around stop and give a listen, throw them a dollar or two, or even buy their new CD, Dream Streets, a compilation of their 12 most-requested songs.

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