Friday, May 16, 2008

Weasel at the MFA

Just a funny aside when I went to see Love My Life at the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which was playing at the MFA.

After the film I went into the gift store again and almost bought this Japanese print that Sue and I have considered before. I noticed that it was from the MFA, so I thought I'd check out the real deal.

So, when I was entering the galleries, who was checking passes but that the same security guard who I blogged about, who called me, Pal, pointy little goatee and all that...

So, I hand him my card and he tries to scan it, and it doesn't work. He tries again and again and again...and I'm starting to get a little nervous, wondering if he'd recognize me, and finally, in his same old jovial way, said, I quote: "Your card's no good. Go to member services and tell them."

The guy is just a crank and doesn't have a clue about how to deal with people and the MFA puts him front and center.

I'm starting to actually kind of like this guy...

Maybe next time I go I'll bring him a box of chocolates...mixed nuts....

Or maybe it's just that I like images from the Wizard of Oz and he gives me a reason to take screen shots of them.

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