Friday, May 30, 2008

d'Rafael: Boston busker

Another busker working hard on Boston's streets and entertaining the tourists is d'Rafael.

He plays acoustic guitar and is accompanied by, I am not kidding you, a percussionist who is keeping the beat on what I swear is a box with an electric pickup.

Born in Lima, Peru, d'Rafael plays Latin Gypsy music, and that pretty much says it all right there. The romance and passion and care-free life imbued in both those cultures is combined in his music so that for those who live in this city, we are transported to another place (which can be a good thing when you're getting tired of horns blaring because a tour bus can't swing around a corner like today when I was listening to d'Rafael). Or for the tourists, they can see that Boston isn't all baked beans, the Freedom Trail, and pawking the cawr in hawvard yawrd.

The multicultural aspect of this city and its surrounding neighborhoods, as represented by d"Rafael's music, is what keep a lot of us from moving to warmer, cheaper cities.

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Saw Lady said...

I thought drumming on a box with a pick-up was strange too, when I first saw it with buskers in the NYC subway. But when I saw another busker use it and I talked with him - it turned out that it's a known percussion box...
Since your busker is from Peru, and so was one of the buskers I saw and the other one was from Ecuador - maybe this box idea comes from that area.

All the best,

Saw Lady

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