Friday, May 30, 2008

Pass Mass HB 4444 to build movie studios

Not to be confused with a bill in Washington by the same name about universal health care.

This is the bill that will give tax incentives to build the movie studios on the south shore.

Me? I'm for it. I don't think legislators like d'Amico get it. On his site he says the tax incentives will subsidize the lives of wealthy millionaire actors and Hollywood types. What an idiot. The people I know who are getting up in the morning (or working throughout the night) and working as extras and photographers, who are making a substantial paycheck (but still not enough to make it here in Massachusetts) are definitely not Hollywood millionaire types.

The studios will bring in jobs. Get it? J-O-B-S. The casting agencies will get work. Actors. Caterers. Photographers. Construction workers. Carpenters. Electricians. Truck drivers. Laborers. Jobs, peeps. Something most politicians in this idiot state can't bring you because they're too busy covering their butts to get reelected. So they don't do anything. All most of them can do is cause problems in the halls of Beacon Hill.

Trust me: This is a better idea than casinos.

Put some power in the hands of the people and call your state rep or senator. If you don't know who they are, call these numbers and they'll connect you with your legislator.

House Clerk -- 617 722 2356
Sate Senate Clerk -- 617 722 1276

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