Monday, May 19, 2008

Fleas on the Red Line

Why not start off the new week with a subway story, because that's how so many of do.

Some guy on the Red Line was sitting there, jammed into the seats the way people are on the Red Line. That's the reason I rarely sit on the Red Line; I don't love my fellow humans that much to be cheek by cheek like that.

Anyway, this guy is sitting there right in front of me, leaning over because he can't sit all the way back in the seat for the two people on either side of him, then he starts scratching his head like an old dog. Just going at it. Not just a couple of scratches to get the itch. Nope, this guy is going at it like Bob goes after a flea under his collar.

I was thinking, Whoa there, fella. I was looking for dandruff and gnats and all kinds of stuff to start jumping off the guy. I mean, who does something like this in public??

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