Thursday, February 7, 2008

Alone in the city

The one thing that has always attracted me to cities is the anonymity that you can enjoy, surrounded by thousands of people, and no one knows you. I felt this tonight coming home, crammed into the subway, and I just stood there looking around, totally aware of my surroundings and everyone around me, and everyone totally oblvious to me. And I was swept along by the people getting off at my stop, and carrried down the stairs and then we all trickled off through the exits into the night.

And I came home to my dog, who greeted me at the door with a big smile. Yes, he does smile. Sue is staying on the Cape tonight with her mom. And I came home to this quiet peaceful place, the beginning of a home for me, one that has so much potential for peace and happiness and joy. And I'm here alone, making a favorite dinner, and music is playing, and later I'll pick up a guitar. I'll turn the lights low, and maybe light some candles, and pour a drink, and eventually I'll go to bed and read before falling to sleep. Not a lot, huh? All alone in this big world, in this big apartment. Alone, maybe, but not lonely. And that's all the difference. For years I was lonely. And now I'm not.

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