Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why is Congress investigating Roger Clemens and MLB??

Okay, call me dumb, but I can't figure out why Congress is spending all this time investigating drug use in major league baseball. So they call a bunch of major league baseball players up to Capitol Hill, make them swear on a bible that they'll tell the truth about things that have absolutely nothing to do with the running of the country, and then they spend a gazillion dollars and years and years investigating the fact that they lied.

Of course, I didn't understand why they had to investigate Bill Clinton's sex life either, but...As it was pointed out to me today by C, who knows so much more about this stuff than I do, Congress wasn't investigating a blow job, but actually perjury about a blow job. I guess it's not nice to lie to Mother Congress.

But C also made a really good point.

I was going on and on about how this is a good example of how government is too darn big and how it sticks its nose into people's business where it has no business. Run the country, that's what I say to Congress, and forget about drug use and sex. There already are laws about this stuff.

If it is indeed illegal for an adult to inject him or herself with HGH, then shouldn't the local gendarme be investigating it, and letting the local sheriff and DA make names for themselves?

And if it actually is a federal offense, aren't there federal law enforcement agencies to handle this stuff, too?

And if it's simply against the rules of Major League Baseball, shouldn't MLB be footing the bill and hiring goons to enforce the rules?

To which C replied, Roger Clemens couldn't get convicted by the local enforcement agency. Like OJ? I asked, thinking I was being a smart ass, when I actually was being smart. Exactly, said C.

Well, I still don't get it. It seems to me with a war and an ensuing recession coming on us, Congress has better things to do than beat up on poor fat Roger.

And wait a minute, didn't George Dubya lie about WMD and all that in Iraq? What the...? If you lie about what you shoot into your heinie you get called onto the carpet by Congress, but you lie to the American people and it's ok?

I love this effing country. I really do.

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