Thursday, February 21, 2008

Manna from heavens

God takes care of the little birds in the field. What makes you think he won't take care of you?

One of my favorite little stories in the bible. I remember when my mom was alive she accused me of being a heathen, of not believing in God, probably the worst thing she could ever imagine a human being doing, even beyond murder, and I hit her with that quote.

I'm not any kind of evangelist, right-wing Christian, or anything like that, but I've read enough of the Bible to know that there are some great stories in there, and some really good messages on how to live our lives. Obviously I don't take it completely literal. That little message tells us we're all on someone's A list, and when you're feeling pretty down, that little bit of knowledge just may keep you breathing.

And it was more of a joke that this popped into my head this morning because I was so hungry and tired and was racing around home trying to get out of the house, feed critters, shower (but not shave), get garbage out of the house to the curb, that I didn't eat and I was so hungry, and when I went for a cup of coffee here at work there were free bagels over on the kitchen table. I thought of Moses and Jews in the desert and manna dropped out of the sky. Today, manna dropped out of the sky for me.

Not a big deal. Not a miracle. Just a nice little happening that changes the day.

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