Friday, February 15, 2008

Grin and bear it

It's just a little after 11:00 on a Friday, and I just said to anyone within earshot that I could already use a beer. I'm not sure people quite felt too comfortable with my comment. I think sometimes the best thing for me to do at work is just keep real still and not attract too much attention.

Sometimes work is just work. It's not fun, it's not rewarding, it's just hard and uncomfortable. A lot of time with our jobs, we basically exchange our life, our time, for money so we can spend it on the things we want. In my case, almost every red cent of my money goes to necessities: rent, child support, utilities, food. So, a lot of my life is just grinning and bearing it...or is it baring it...I've never been sure on that one.

But it's almost the weekend, and that means my daughter will be coming over tonight, and other friends may or may not stop in this weekend, and there's always Sue's and my spirit of adventure to keep us going. We might just fire up the truck and go shopping for antiques or that workbench we want for the kitchen.

It seems lately I just live for the weekends, and muddle or suffer through the weeks. Not the way my life used to be, but there are so many aspects of my life now that aren't what they used to be.

I have heard about the lives of small swift birds.
They dazzle with their colour and their deftness through the air.
Just a simple glimpse will keep you simply standing there.
Legendary journeys made on fragile hollow wings.
The night skies rich with whistling each and every spring.
And then there's the day we look for them and can't find them anywhere.

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