Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nothing was hurt...just feelings

This is a comment I heard today in passing. Of course it was meant as a joke. A glib witticism. The person who said it is known for his glib witticisms, and even if he weren't people would still laugh at his jokes because he's a Big Boss.

Anyway, I can get away with not laughing because I'm so low on the totem pole no one notices when I don't laugh.

But I didn't think it was funny.

Here's why...

This happened to someone I barely know. Let's say a friend of a friend. A woman. She was seeing this guy. For long enough. They were doing the back and forth thing, on again, off again, but it was pretty much clear they were together. But the one thing, as she worded it, they weren't intimate. Hmmm...

Still. I mean, she was really working here. Her heart was in it.

But things suddenly didn't bode well. Something he said. The way he said it. So one night she, thinking maybe she should start looking at her options, went back on to, and...

Yep. There he was.

That sucks. Imagine how she felt. What you're imagining are hurt feelings. We can't see them. But they still hurt the same way as a physical body part.

And I want someone to tell me what's the difference between him doing that, and him just taking his open hand and slapping her across the face? Because they both hurt the same.

Answer: The difference is as a society we've reached the point where physical assault is against the law, but as a species we haven't reached the point where we acknowledge that physical pain and emotional pain are the same and that there is something that we can't see but is as real as an arm or a leg and can be hurt the same way as any other body part. So while someone can get arrested and prosecuted for physically hurting someone, it's open season on emotions and feelings.

Men do this. Women do this. Cowards do this shit all the time because they know they can get away with it. They don't hold themselves to a higher standard. I fucking hate cowards. And retards who can't attend to their personal relationships maturely, like adults.

That's why I didn't think it was funny. What the Big Boss said.

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