Monday, February 18, 2008

Washington Post: The dumbing of America

Today at Thanks C.

It's nice to know someone smart agrees with me. Or I agree with them, that's probably the better way to say it.

I'm just aghast (and I guess only an elitist would come up with a word like that to describe himself) that it seems everywhere I look that people just don't think things through. All this has been said time and time again. This Washington Post reporter says the same thing, and gives some reasons for it. Mostly the affect of video. I think there's a whole lot more reasons, and I'm sure the reporter would agree with me. The bottom line is America and American's are going to hell in a handbasket because Americans simply are getting more stupid. I know that's about as simplified as I can make it, but hell, consider the audience. I have to make it as simple as that.

And what's so funny is, I don't consider myself an intellectual or an elitist. There have been certain people who have said that about me, but a lot of people have called me a lot of names. If I'm an elitist, well then I'm also a SOB and a jerk a lot of other really nasty names, too. I mean, if you accept one label, you gotta accept them all, don't you?

I've told people time and time again about myself. I'm really just a country boy. I'm a hillbilly, but be careful, I'm an educated hillbilly. Funny though, the more you tell the truth, even about yourself, the less people believe you.

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