Friday, February 29, 2008

Steve Earle's coming to the Somerville Theater tonight

Okay, I have to blog about this and fast because there is a Very Important Meeting I have to attend.

Steve Earle is playing tonight at the Somerville Theater and Sue and I wouldn't miss this for the world. This is where life and art and music come together, and give you a little insight in how all this shit is connected.

Yeah, I'm a little juvenile when it comes to my music. I'm still like a teenager when it comes to me and music. I never left the, "It's my life, man" stage. It conjures up things inside of me like nothing else does. I know I’m not alone on this in this world. There are other people who are passionate about music and experiences that so many talented people in this world share with us.

When I heard Steve Earle's Washington Square Serenade album, and starting studying up on his life and career, I thought to myself, what the?--this could be me. Well, except I don't have his talent and fame and money. That's what separates me from the stalkers.

But I was at a point in my life where I just wanted to leave where I was, leave everything behind, and this country boy decided to move to the city. Just like Steve.

I was somewhere where it was never my home. And I was hanging around people who really weren’t my friends. I mean, they weren’t horrible. It’s not like they were crack dealers. Maybe worse. They just didn’t care one damn way or another about me. Not caring is worse, I think, than anything. It's like you know a relationship is over when the fighting stops. Fighting at least shows that a person cares about something. Not caring. Apathy. It's death.

And darned if I didn't have an old dog on the floorboards and a pretty redhead by my side when I skeedaddled, too. (Guys just really dig redheads.)

And way back when I was just so full of it, too. And if that didn't seem to be ole Steve coming into Nashvlle, Guitar Town, ready to kick some ass.

Well I gotta keep rockin' while I still can
Got a two pack habit and a motel tan.

Shit, that's still me.

And then he got to Nashville and just pretty much rebelled against everything he found there. Never was his home. But look at what he did there. You find yourself somewhere where you don’t belong, and you’re just screaming, hey, it doesn’t have to be this way. And people are calling you crazy and stupid and a whole lot of other names.

And it just keeps coming. Lord, I don’t know how he came up with Day’s Aren’t Long Enough; it’s such a chick song, but dang, he’s in love and that does some pretty weird things to men. Makes some of us get all sappy.

But I mean, look at those two. And listen to Allison Moorer. What a sweet voice she has.

And Sue (that pretty redhead) and Bob (the dog) and I moved to the city so we could just jump on a train and take advantage of stuff on the city. Well, Bob had no idea what we were up to, he just knew something was up. But Washington Square Serenade is all about change, or maybe change is one of its major themes.

And now this has to end because Sue just called me and she's in the lobby and we're getting on the subway and going to hear some really good music that's all about our lives together, and that, my friends, is like the coming of a comet, or the total eclipse of the sun.

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